Day 57 — The Quiet After the Storm (& Snowboarding in Hanes Park)

Woke up at six but instead of jogging or writing (or putzing around the house) I threw up on the snow boots, grabbed the camera, and set off to explore the snow encrusted world before the sun & school children wore off the ice crystal patina.

Lots of shots. Some were good. I found several snowboarders (high school aged I think) who’d also woken up at the crack of down to take advantage of the fresh powder (yes powder NOT—yet—”Carolina Hardpack”) covering the steep hill next to the middle school.

The A7 is not the best action camera and I am not very good at shooting with autofocus but with the camera set to continuous AF, wide area, and object locking on half-shutter push I did get a few keepers. Sadly one of my favorites I did not have the shutter speed up high enough. The tip of the board is in focus but the rider is moving to fast. Still it conveys a sense of speed which contrasts nicely with the landscape I shot while waiting for the boarders to make another run.

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