Day 20 Many are Called … One is Chosen

One of the big challenges of this photo-a-day project is that my life can so easily stay confined to the ~900sq feet I live and work in. When I watch Jacqueline in the afternoon I like to on walks. I wish I could say it is always inspiring photographically but sometimes I arrive home empty handed (empty flash carded?). Knowing that today’s walk would be my only photo opportunity (started narration on a new book) I made myself take a few risks.

Here are a couple of the runner ups.



Day 19 50 Shades of Mr. Grey


Mr. Grey has found a new spot he likes to call his own among our last bastion of clutter (ok purposeful clutter I can’t deny little transitory drifts of clutter have a way of forming around the house). I had no idea what to take a picture of today since I never left the house and I was feeling very unmacro. With a little improvisation Mr. Grey and I made this.

It is a single long exposure, 15 seconds I believe, at around 28mm focal length. I manually fired a speed light off camera four times at 1/16th power. It took several test shots moving the camera at different speeds and Mr. Grey trying out different looks before we got one we liked.

Day 18 “Mother Dearest”

Mother Dearest

My mother came and stayed with us this past week. With my wife heading back to graduate school and a new baby at home her help was invaluable. She’s been the subject of numerous impromptu “photo shoots” this past week but today, her last day before flying home, I knew I needed at least one image that would make the cut. Of course, at the end of the day, the one I liked the best is the candid taken while we enjoyed a cup of tea together in the morning.

This woman birth me, raised me, and taught me right from wrong but —maybe most of all—she is also a joy to be around.

Day 17 Morning Madonna


We hung an old (it’s been over ten years Mom!) handmade patchwork quilt over our bedroom window on Christmas when we FaceTimed with my sister-in-law who lives in Brazil. Our daughter, Jacqueline, loves to stare up at the bright colors so we’ve left it there. The morning light shining through it today was just enchanting. My wife says this picture makes her look angry. I think it captures the intense and ambiguous feelings of new motherhood.

Also, being Saturday I took a number of other pictures. Here are a few of the runner ups.